Getting started making sheaths

  • After 30 years of having other leather craftsmen making my sheaths, it became apparent that I was going to have to start making my own sheaths. With the help of several saddle makers and other professional leather craftsmen, I was coached in the right direction. Getting the proper hand tools and stamps turned out to be a pretty good investment that is never ending.


Sewing machine

Jim sewing some sheaths.

In June 2018 I purchased a quality sewing machine and started sewing my own sheaths. I enjoy doing leather work - it is very rewarding. Now I have the flexibility to make a sheath that is custom for each knife.


A few samples

I now make all of my own sheaths. The basic pouch type sheaths can either be plain with no tooling, border stamped, or tooled to match the knife that goes in that sheath.



  • I only buy the best vegitable tanned leather available from a USA tannery. It is 9 oz split from 10 - 12 oz, with no wrinkles or scratches. This insures that you will get the finest quality sheath that will last a lifetime.



In many cases, I have made my own leather stamps. I have many animal tracks as well as some border stamps. I will continue making more stamps as time goes on. I try to match the sheath to the knife engraving style.



All of my sheaths have my "SIGGMA" logo stamp on them.