About Siggma Knives


It all started back then ...

Howdy,  My name is Jim Sigg. I am a full time knife maker and the   owner/operator of SIGGMA KNIVES.  I have enjoyed making since 1969 when I made my first knife out of an old file. Today I make knives out of files, old saw blades - (L-6 high carbon steel), and 440-C stainless steel.

In the late fall 1969, Linda and I were enjoying the great outdoors in the High Sierra mountains of California. After returning home I discovered that I had lost my fixed blade knife. On a return trip one year later I found the knife. Overjoyed, I put the knife away for safe keeping. It has never been seen since!


Making my first knife

I had heard that some knives were made out of old files. So, I thought, "OK I will try my hand at it".  All I had for tools were a angle grinder, a hand drill, and a torch. The first few tries were failures. After screwing up several files, I finally made one that I was pretty proud of. Relatives and friends saw what I had done and asked me to make one for them.


Monster hobby to business

Somewhere along the line people started paying me for knives. In 1983 SIGGMA was established. After serious consideration and Linda's blessing, I quit my job and started making knives full time in 1989. Like any new business it was non-profit  a few years. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to develope a reputation. Having an art background, I started embellishing my knives with scrimshaw, carved handles and engravings. The rest is history.